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La Sagrada Familia

Last summer, I met my girlfriend, Sarah, in Barcelona for about 9 days. It was an amazing trip. I'm just now getting around to scanning a couple things, and I came across the watercolor sketch I did of the church Gaudi worked on until the tragic end of his life. La Sagrada Familia was such an incredible place, when it is finally finished it will undoubtedly be one of the greatest treasures Spain has to offer. I hope this will happen in my lifetime.

La Sagrada Familia, 7" x 10", Watercolor, 2008.

Bonnie and Clyde

This is a piece I was just commissioned to do as a Script cover page.  It's a Bonnie and Clyde musical that is in it's first stages of possibly getting made into a full on Broadway experience.  The musical is mostly based on the romance behind this couple's love affair, not really the guns and violence.  With that in mind the Art Director wanted the piece to be ultra sexy. 
Bonnie and Clyde, 8" x 11", Watercolor, 2009.


This was a commissioned portrait of my cousin's newborn.  I started the piece by putting a couple layers of matte medium on a piece of untempered masonite.  If you are to do this technique, make sure you get untempered masonite and not traditional building tempered masonite.  There are harmful chemicals embedded in tempered masonite that will destroy your painting in the future.  The matte medium should seal those chemicals in, but you never know.Next I drew the portrait using pencil and going over the important lines with a white charcoal pencil.                                         Next, I started painting in the skin tones.  I also wanted to give the edge a soft feel so I put a dark background color, a dark purple, and softened up the edges of the head. Then I added in the rest of the skin tones and shirt.  I chose yellow as a good shirt color in order to make it pop out from the purple.
After letting this dry I went back and glazed in some crimson into the cheeks and ears and …

The First

This is my first post. The purpose of this blog is to display my technique and process in creating my artwork. I mostly work with oils on masonite, but this page will also give me an opportunity to show my quicker watercolor pieces that may not be finished enough for my main website. I have many of these that I feel are very nice and I would like people to see, but for one reason or another don't think they fit in my portfolio.

Thank you for visiting and from now on, there shall be some actual art on this thing.