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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!  Hope everyone has a spooky one.  It's my birthday today, so every Halloween is extremely special to me.  Tonight I will be watching Nightmare Before Christmas, the new Treehouse of Horror, and Let the Right One In.  Wish I got AMC... Anyways these are pictures of my pumpkin and Sarah's squash/gourd this year.  Have a Spooktacular day!

Recharge! Beyond Finish

I finished this a while ago, sorry for the laziness of this post.  I finished my dragon piece, Recharge!, a couple weeks ago, and then realized it needed rain.  So I added rain glimmering in the lightning.  It definitely adds to the piece.  Hope you think so too.
This piece is meant to have a feeling of desperation and addiction.  The spears of past charging are welded to his tail, rusting in age.
Recharge!, 11" x 14", Oil on Paper on Masonite, 2010.

What's on my Easel Now?

I am finally on the road to finishing my Winter series, which I have been working on all year.  This will be the top portion of the final product (all the pieces are going to fit together in a giant vertical rectangle).  This piece will be called "Last Flock".  I was going to do a completely different composition, but was inspired by "Sometimes a Great Notion" by Ken Kesey.  He describes the last couple geese flying south in November and it struck me as one of the truest signs from nature that winter is arriving.  I'm very much looking forward to finishing this piece.