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Barliman Butterbur

I was just alerted that this piece was released quite a while ago.  I had a really good time painting this piece for "The Black Riders" deck in The Lord of the Rings LCG.  Barliman is a sweet, lovely man, one of the people worth fighting for.  I think I came on to this piece as a last minute addition to fill up the deck.  There was a much quicker due date than most,  so this one is quite small.  I stare at it every once in a while (in the pile of paintings standing against my wall) and it makes me happy.  I'm quite proud of this one.

Janos's Conspirator

This is a painting I did back in 2012 for the new A Games of Thrones LCG Chapter Pack called The Horn that Wakes.  I had a great time doing this piece.  Evil characters are so much fun to design and create.  Happy Valentine's Day!

Infected By Art, Illustration West and Joe

Hello Everyone! Happy New Year, sorry it's been so long.  Since the new year I have gotten some much needed relaxation and have taken a short break from painting.  I have gotten some great news professionally though, my paintings "The Golem of Prague" and "Beliefs Mean Nothing" have both gotten into the annual competitions for Infected By Art and the Society of Illustrators West.  These are both very prestigious competitions and I am extremely lucky to be chosen.  A slew of other great illustrators have also gotten in and I wish to congratulate all of them on their success as well.
In other news, before the holidays I was commissioned by a friend to do a portrait of his younger brother, Joe, as a Conan type character.  I was given a lot of freedom and had a blast painting this piece.  Here is the final piece:

I have been told that Joe loved the piece, which I named "Joe the Destroyer" but he is calling it, ahem, "The Hyman's Bane"...