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Babette and Nikita

These are the finals for the two pet portraits I did a while back.  I've kept from posting them because it will be a long time before I have new material to post again.  I am working on two commissions that cannot be shown until they are made public by the company, so it will be a while.

These were fun portraits to do, I love animals and they always bring completely different challenges to painting humans.  Fur is very meticulous, but really fun for me at least.  I can go on auto-pilot and slip into a kind of zen while painting fur.  These two where very unique animals, I am very proud of the paintings and since finishing them, a lot of people have been in disbelief when I tell them they are paintings.  But thats because they're on my iTouch and when shrunken everything looks tighter and more natural.

Nikita and Babette, both 12" x 16", Oil on Paper on Masonite, 2011.