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My wife and I went on a ski vacation in mid-January to the Catskills, and I brought this piece to work on while I wasn't skiing.  I had taken a photo of this scene about 6 years ago, when my wife and I first started dating.  The folds in the sheets were too perfect to not take the photo.  So, now years later, I was finally going to take some time to paint the scene.
About halfway through my second day of working, I got a phone call that my father had had a heart attack while he was in the hospital, and was being air-lifted to another better hospital.  We dropped everything and rushed to his side.  He survived that heart attack, and I was able to spend some quality time with him before he eventually died about a month after that to a second heart attack.
I will always look at this painting and remember that time in my life; the hardest and worst time in my life.  This painting gave me some beautiful distraction from the hardship going on in my brain.  I don't intend on the col…

The Truth Can Be Hard

Hello Everyone!

It's been a little while since my last post, I have a few pieces that I will be able to post soon, but I am excited about this newest painting so I'm going to give you guys this one first.
"The Truth Can Be Hard" is the second piece in my "Creationist" series.  It is another commentary on the Young Earth Creationist movement that is happening in our society.  It is scary that certain people don't respond to a progressive scientific outlook on the history of our planet and Universe.  Homo Sapiens have been on Earth for an estimated 200,000 years, which is still just the blink of an eye in the grand scheme of things.  And to think that some people believe we lived along side dinosaurs is just a bit too naive to take seriously.  So that is what this series is about.  People who blind themselves to the world surrounding them, in order to somehow feel closer to God.  It's also a good reason to be able to paint dinosaurs, for whom I have …