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Judith with the Head of Holofernes

I just finished this piece last week, I had been working on it for the past month or so. The basis of the story is that Holofernes was this great general for the Assyrian army that was threatening the Jewish people. The night before a great battle, Judith snuck into the Assyrian Generals tent and seduced him. As he was sleeping she took a sword and cut his head off. The next day as the armies gathered, the Jews laid Holofernes body in the middle of the field and the Assyrian army fled. Judith is one of many incredibly strong Jewish women depicted in the Old Testament. I have been wanting to do this painting for a long time now. Now that it is done, I am thinking of creating a triptych out of the theme, we'll see how much time I will have in the upcoming year...

Figure Drawings 2/17/09

I did these about a month ago. Pencil, white chalk and toned recycled paper. Finally got my butt back to figure drawing last night, so I'll post those soon. I guess thats it, ta ta for now.


This was a comissioned piece from Evan Caprari for his brother, Brian. The dog's name is Cassady. This piece has basically the same process as the portrait of Charlotte. It started with a line drawing with pencil, then outlined with white chalk.

Next I spashed some bright red and yellow and orange into the background. In order to do this I load up a bristle brush with a bit of paint and a lot of liquin. This makes the paint very light and flickable. I point the brush toward the surface and pull back the bristles with my thumb, rocketing the paint to make a splatter-like effect. Bill Thomson taught me this technique in college, except he used an old toothbrush. He said it was old but I suspected otherwise, when one day he came to class with purple teeth... at least i hope he lied to me...

Next I painted in one layer of the portrait once the splatters had dried. I was mostly using various degrees of cadmium red medium, cadmium yellow light, alizarin crimson, burnt siena, yello ochre,…

Figure Drawings 1/20/09

These are a few of my figure drawings from a couple weeks ago. I have been super lazy recently and haven't gone in a while. This week will be no different for I am going to the Watchmen tuesday night. But maybe next week...

These were all done on a recycled toned paper sketch book with pencil and white chalk.