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The World is Old

This is a new painting in my "Creationist Series".  Back in October, I had started painting this piece; it was almost finished but then I had to paint Winter cards and another playing card.  I finally picked this piece back up at the end of December in order to finish it by the deadline of the Spectrum and Art Renewal Center annual submissions.
This piece is depicting a Bible study group, blindfolded, as a group of Dreadnoughtus "shadows" pass by.  The Dreadnoughtus was recently discovered down in southern Argentina, and was declared the largest sauropod ever discovered.  This immediately ignited my imagination.  I had wanted to do a large piece for my series, and showing a herd of these creatures and showing the scale of them in relation to the creationist group seemed like a perfect opportunity.  I wanted to show the group of Dreadnoughtus passing by the people in varying degrees of opacity.  I'm very happy with how this one turned out, now I just have to c…

Greenseer's Raven and IBA Vol.3

When it rains, it pours.  I have always found this statement to be strangely true.  I may go a long time between jobs, but once I get a new commission a couple others will follow.  And like yesterday, when I have news to tell (like a blog post that was well overdue) a couple other tidbits came to my knowledge within an hour or so. Firstly, a card commission I have been waiting patiently to show for the past year, has finally been released!  It's called "Greenseer's Raven", and it is part of the "Secrets and Schemes" deck of the A Game of Thrones LCG from Fantasy Flight Games.  I was very excited to get this commission last year; firelight and animals are always fun to paint.  There isn't much of a story behind this one though, I found reference of a raven, and just improvised from there.  I tried to work in as many diagonals with the tree branches and had to create a nice glow coming from the moss and flame, but it was a lot of making it up as I painte…

The Nisse's Gift

Hello Again,

I should have posted this a while ago, seeing as it was my Holiday card this year, and I've had the digital file for some time now.  Sarah and I do a Non-Denominational Winter card every year, and for the past couple years a Nisse has been part of the image.  A Nisse is a little gnome-like creature that is prominent in all Scandinavian cultures in one form or another.  They can also be called Tomte or Tomtenisse.  My family was from Denmark, so to us they are Nisse.  Every household has their own unique Nisse.  They are known to care for the animals of the house and fix various things the family may have overlooked (very courteous these creatures are, right?).  But if they are not given a hot bowl of porridge every year on Christmas Eve (when they are setting the presents under the tree) they will play tricks on the family for the next year.  And even if the family tries to move away, the Nisse will follow them and keep up its dastardly deeds.   Needless to say, our …