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Beliefs Mean Nothing

Since coming back from GenCon, I have been super motivated to finish a personal piece before Illuxcon, where I will be showing in the showcase Friday and Saturday night.  I have had this composition as a drawing in my work sketchbook for what seems like ages now, and I'm glad I had the time to bang this one out. This piece was conceived from the idea that Creationists are pushing to get their beliefs taught in schools in Texas.  The image is meant to depict a Creationist man clutching to his beliefs, willfully blind, even in the face of scientific evidence.  I also wanted the viewer to get the impression that the triceratops is abandoning the man, as the man abandons the dinosaur.  The triceratops fades from the man towards a more enlightened mind.  The title refers to an idea I have been pondering lately.  It is irrelevant whether someone believes in something; that thing exists at that time period and place.  So whether creationists believe dinosaurs existed with humans, and di…