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Another Sw!pe Show!

Another Sw!pe show will be opening at 25 CPW, the same gallery as the first show, on March 20th and ending April 4th!  This time will be bigger and better!  I will have The Lands March and Goblin Watcher on display.  If you are in the NYC area, please stop by, there is a ton of great artists in the show.  It is an extremely eclectic show, many different backgrounds all sharing a job in common.

3/20 - 4/4
25 CPW
25 Central Park West (and 62nd St.)
New York, NY

Through the Woods

This is the latest drawing I did for the Running with Paintbrushes blog.  The challenge was to do a drawing of a witch.  My intention was to make her more of a hoarder, someone who collects random things throughout her journeys.  I really love doing finished drawings, so often I only draw so I can do a painting over it.  I love playing with the tightness and looseness of line, when working with pencil.  With my painting style I don't really show that too often, so it's nice to let loose every once in a while, and for some reason I don't feel obligated to render everything with pencil.  I am going to put more animals in my paintings in the future, they add atmosphere and pathos to an image so easily.
Through the Woods, Pencil, 12" x 16", 2010.

New York Times

So this is a little after-the-fact, but Sw!pe Magazine, in which I am featured, was in the New York Times this past saturday.  The article is about the wonderful gallery show we had that correlated with the launching of the magazine.  It was a crazy opening, tons of people were there, tons came in off the street, which was very exciting.  I met a lot of new people and got a load of compliments on the animal portraits that I had hanging.  It gave me a lot more confidence to push forward with those portraits and create more of them.  To everyone who doesn't own a copy please order an issue of Sw!pe Magazine at the website.