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The Magic Trick

I painted this piece for Levi Stack back in December.  It's the cover for Mr. Stack's newest young adult novel, the second book in the Card Game series, The Magic Trick.  The novel has just become available digitally.  I'm not sure whether it will be released on paperback like the first book.  I hope it is, because as much as the image looks great on a screen, I love seeing my work printed.  Here is the original painting, and also the version with the type laid over it.  I'm very happy with the outcome and think this cover is better than the first.

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Ashemark Councilor

Last year, I painted this piece for the A Game of Thrones LCG from Fantasy Flight Games.  It was released within one of the newer decks, "Prize of the North."  This guy is a character completely made up for the game, Ashemark gets barely a mention in the novel.  This character is supposed to be a lordling with allegiance towards the Lannisters, hence the lion banners on either side of the archway.  I'm happy with how the piece came out, but I have no real personal story to tell along with it, so I thought I'd just show a couple process images along with this painting. 

This was my main reference picture.  No too much to say, I did many poses with this "staff", and this one seem to have a good diagonal positioning.  The art director also put in the description that it should look as if the character is hindering someone from entering the archway, this seemed like a good dignified way someone of his status would go about this. 

I went to Croatia, where they f…

Gen Con Indy 2014 and Margaretville, NY

Back in June, we were upstate, in the Catskills for a long weekend.  While I was busy relaxing and taking in the beautiful scenery, I took some time out to paint this landscape.  It took about 3 hours.  In my opinion, there is nothing as pure as painting en plein air.  One becomes completely zen with the surroundings and painting becomes less about depicting a particular scene or composition and becomes more about the feeling or nature of the scene.  It's hard to explain, and can sound extremely corny, when describing the feeling that comes with painting en plein air.  I am constantly moving the brush, painting things that happened 30-45 minutes ago, changing things on the fly, building up paint as it dries.  It's totally different from how I normally paint.  Very freeing, very rejuvenating.

Also I will, again, have a booth in the Art Show area at Gen Con Indianapolis this year.  It's a wonderful convention filled with fun for everyone from the most pessimistic curmudgeon…