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Showing posts from October, 2009

Goblin Watcher

This is my second attempt at a Wizards of the Coast sample. It is a goblin watching over the castle where he resides. If you look closely you will see that instead of a candle in the lantern, there is a glowing humming bird that is used to light the way. I'm quite proud of this piece, hope you all like it too.
Goblin Watcher, 10" x 14", Oil on Paper on Masonite, 2009.

Hand of Flame

Hello All,
It has been way long since I last updated this thing. I have been very busy doing a book cover piece. Anyway, here is my final for the Hand of Flame piece I teased about so long ago. In a couple days I will post my Goblin Watcher piece. Hope you like.
Hand of Flame, 10" x 14", Oil on Paper on Masonite.