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Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear, 5" x 5", Oil on Masonite, 2009.
Next up: Elk

White Stag

In between my Running with Paintbrushes projects I am starting a  series of 5" x 5" portraits of North American Mammals.  For some reason I've always been drawn to the beauty of the hairy beings that roam my homeland.  I came across the White Stag wandering through images of mammals, it's extremely rare and quite beautiful.  I assume it's albino, but I have not researched it yet.  Maybe I'll do a White Buffalo too... later.
White Stag, 5" x 5", Oil on Masonite, 2009.
If there are any requests for me to do one of your favorites please contact me.  Commissions are always accepted.