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Ragnarok: Fenrir Swallows Odin Whole

FINALLY!  I know it took me a super long time to show a new piece.  That will change soon, I'm pretty sure the pieces I have been doing for Fantasy Flight Games will be released in the upcoming weeks and months.  But as for this piece, I started this piece as a Viking project for Running with Paintbrushes.  As I got going I was delightfully interrupted many times with new commissions and a need for designing my wedding invitations.  This is a small event that happens during Ragnarok, the Norse Armageddon, where Fenrir, a giant wolf, swallows Odin, the Norse Zeus, whole.  Don't worry, because later one of Odin's sons,Víðarr, cuts Fenrir's belly open, freeing Odin.
So this is my depiction of that event.  I am Danish, so I take my viking heritage very seriously.  I have 2 viking themed tattoos, and collect as much Scandinavian things as possible.  Next year my future wife and I are planning a trip to Denmark.  Can't wait.  So Valhalla is burning in the background, des…