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Panticore Attack

I just finished this piece in preparation for the upcoming GenCon in Indianapolis, IN.  I am very happy with the action and the sense of vertigo that is happening in this piece.  It was a lot of fun to painting the horse; I have always been intimidated by horses and armor, which I think both came out pretty good.  It's nice to do some ridiculous high fantasy every once in a while, brings me back to my roots and the reason I was interested in illustration in the first place.
Panticore Attack, 13" x 15", Oil on Paper on Masonite, 2010. 

Winter: Hibernation

This is the 3rd piece in my series of 4 based on Winter.  I have always be fascinated by way snow collects on certain objects.  Obviously, this piece also deals with the animals that vacate our world for the winter months, searching their dreams for warmth.  The four stone depict different creatures that hibernate.  There are more stones in the background if you look closely.  I wanted this piece to be serious in tone, but cute in depiction. 
Winter: Hibernation, 27" x 9", Oil on Paper on Masonite, 2010.