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Roxbury, NY

A week ago, my wife and I went upstate to the Catskills for Independence Day.  Being away from the city is a necessary ritual I have every few months, whether it be the Berkshires to see my family or going to Fleischmanns, NY for a long weekend, it is an easy way to control my sanity living in one of the largest cities in the world with a constant onslaught of crowds.  I need silence, mountains, trees, farm animals, and the occasional bear threat.  The Catskills are the perfect getaway.  Though, because it is never for that long, I rarely have the chance to draw and almost never paint.  This time I got an entire week off from work, so we got an extended vacation up there, and I finally got to do a painting en plein-aire.
 I found a spot, with the help of my wife's knowledge of the area's vistas, on the side of a road, near a nice old barn, in Roxbury.  The first day was very overcast, and whats nice of having a mountain view is that you can see the passing rainstorms coming, …