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Post Gen Con and Star Wars

Gen Con was a blast this year! It was so much fun to finally have a booth of my own this year.  It was a very different experience, for the first time I didn't see much of the actual convention.  In the past I have walked through everyone's booth at least once or twice, this year I probably saw a quarter of what was there.  It was great to hear all the compliments from the attendees, and I loved drawing on people play mats and signing cards!  That was truly an amazing experience!  It was wonderful to see past friends and make some great new ones.  Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

Right before I left for Indianapolis, I was given the new Star Wars: Edge of Darkness Expansion pack from Fantasy Flight Games.  Now, this is not the final version of the card image.  The printed version had a square ratio instead of the rectangle ratio they commissioned of me.  So the image was changed a bit... But this is the version that I am most happy with, and the one I will put on my w…

GenCon, Fægår and Another Nymeria

This year will be my first year having a booth at GenCon.  It will be located in Artist Alley, so if you are in the Indianapolis area from Thursday the 15th through Sunday the 18th, please come by and check it out.  GenCon is a super fun convention dedicated to card gaming, and even if you don't necessarily play, its cool to just browse the floor and see the art.

I have also finished my latest dwarf painting, it's called "The Flawed Reign of Fægår" and it's a follow-up to another painting I did a while back called "Fægår the Fearless".  In my mind this is a story about a young dwarf who showed how courageous he was on the battlefield, killing many a foe.  When it became the time for the dwarves to elect a new leader, they naturally felt Fægår would be the leader they needed.  Unfortunately, Fægår did not know anything more than war strategies and smiting evil, so when it came to the more subtle aspects of ruling, he didn't know the right direction t…