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The Nisse and the Wind

Happy Solstice Everyone!

I have been working very hard lately with a couple commissions due before the Holidays, but I thought I'd show you all my Winter Card image this year.

Since last year I produced one of my favorite paintings for my Winter Card, I thought I'd bring back the character and show him in another situation.  This year the Nisse is coming into the barn from a very blustery evening.  I always want to instill a feeling of solitude in these Nisse paintings, a love for his role on the farm.  Also, I want these paintings to show a contemporary time period.  The house that he works for could be from numerous decades, but there are little hints of electricity, or in this case, windmills in the background.  Windmills are everywhere in Denmark, and since this is a Danish character, the windmills give a geographical symbol.  They also act as a somewhat political symbol, as I believe that wind is one energy source our world needs to harness in order to progr…