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Showing posts from April, 2010

Through the Woods Painting

This is the follow up painting to the Through the Woods drawing I did a few weeks ago for Running with Paintbrushes.  It was a really fun piece to do and I used this as a chance to experiment with different textures and ideas.  I did a lot of dripping with paint, which is something I have always wanted a chance to do, and the right project to do it with.  Hope you all like it.
Through the Woods, 14" x 10", Oil on Paper on Masonite, 2010.

Winter: We Are All Stardust

My second of four paintings based on Winter is finished.  These are all images that are based on lost memories from a childhood in Massachusetts, which has a fairly long winter season.  I really wanted to get the colors of the dusk in the winter, the hazy reds and purples that transform to the night sky.  It's hard to perfect the colors of a painting on a computer but I think I came pretty close.  So if you want to keep track, the last winter painting, "Spirit", would go to the left of this one.  The next two will go on the top and bottom of these.
Winter: We are all Stardust, 40" x 13", Oil on Paper on Masonite, 2010.