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Panticore Attack Altered

I know this is a very subtle change, but I think it enhances it a lot.  While I was at GenCon, a very insightful art director told me that this piece was looking very flat.  One of his suggestions was to just put a coolness to the background, easy enough when there are such tools as photoshop.  While I was on the plane back, I realized how much atmosphere there is when looking down from above.  I think this piece instantly became so much better.

GenCon 2010

Just got back from Gencon in Indianapolis.  This was the most successful con I have been to yet.  Great times, tons of new and old friends to see again, and a lot of great criticism/excitement for my artwork.  Hopefully I will be getting some new clients soon.  Thanks to all who were there, I had a blast and can't wait to be back next year.