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Death King Final

I finally finished!  This took way way too long.  I have just moved into a new apartment, which includes moving my studio and not being able to work, plus all those dang holidays were going on.  This shouldn't have taken longer than 2 weeks and it took closer to 2 months.  When I finally got over how stale it had gotten and started working on it again, I really love the outcome.  It's been so long since I have done armor, and god do I love scattering blood about in a painting.  I wonder why?  It sure does stand out well against snow though.   I love doing these kind of "after the fact" type paintings.  As with my Judith and Holofernes painting (another bloody one), this is a piece about the reflection the character has on the deeds he has just committed.  This character obviously has no morals and this time of reflection is more of a "job well done" type of moment.  But on the flip side, I also think this Death King is making these dead souls pay for the act…

Sw!pe 2 Exhibit

Just so you can mark your calendar, there is a new Sw!pe magazine coming out and we will be having an exhibition of all the work.  The opening is February 10th from 6-9PM.  It's an awesome show, if you saw the last exhibit, this one will be better!  I will be showing 5 pieces!  It'll be a good time, so please come.
25 CPW gallery 25 Central Park West/ 62nd St. New York, NY