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Running With Paintbrushes

So I should probably tell you all about my other blog, Running with Paintbrushes.  This is a project I am currently working on with 2 of my best of friends, Rebecca Solow and Scott Murphy.  We were great friends in the Illustration program at Hartford Art School.  We moved to Astoria, NY together and have lived together until recently, when I moved into my girlfriend, Sarah's, Apartment.  
This blog is meant to illustrate the varying ways in which we work, along with showing how each of us would tackle an assignment.
Each month (approx.) we will get a new assignment from a professional artist, art director, inspiration, etc.  Then each week we will show our thumbnails, finished drawings, and Final paintings.  It should be a lot of fun, and hopefully we will be able to keep it running until we become too busy with real illustration work.

So please follow us on our journey. 


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