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The Silent Deal

For the past month or so, I had been working on a commission for a book cover for a self-published book called "The Silent Deal".  The author, Levi Stack, got in touch with me because he enjoyed my "Save the Date" image from my wedding so much.  I had used Vladislav Erko's playing cards as inspiration for the Save the Date, and Levi was looking for a similar style for his cover.  He wanted the two main characters to be shown on the king of spades card.  Levi had wonderful descriptions for the way the characters looked and how the personalities differed.  He was a great help, and made making the image an extremely painless experience.  I hope "The Silent Deal" is a success and we can work together again on the next book in the series.

Here is an image of the finished painting:

The Silent Deal, 13.25" x 20", Oil on Paper on Masonite, 2013. ©Owen William Weber

And here is the final cover image.  I personally think this looks awesome, and I'm very happy this came out looking so tasteful.  So please pick this book up when it is released, I will add a link when you can order it.


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