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Kissed By Fire

I have just finished work on a personal piece depicting Ygritte, an extremely strong female presence in the "A Song of Ice and Fire" series written by George R. R. Martin.  I haven't painted a portrait in a long time, and since my schedule had freed up a bit, I thought this was also a perfect opportunity to do this character piece.

Recently, I have gotten told by many people that I should paint a pin-up type painting to sell at conventions.  Pin-ups always sell well at conventions, and it seems like a no brainer to just suck it up and paint one.  But that's not what I do.  I totally understand that there is a place for pin-ups in this society and I don't want to come down on artists that do them.  If done right, they can be empowering works of art.  They depict women, usually that have curves, kicking ass.  I love paintings or movies or tv shows of women kicking ass, but I have never had the urge to paint the stereotypical pin-up painting.  I paint paintings that have a quieter attitude to them.  Also, I know that I wouldn't do the pin-up genre any justice by tackling that type of composition.
I do, however, feel the need to depict strong women in art!  My wife is currently pregnant with our first baby, a girl.  I feel it is my duty as a father to surround my future daughter with empowering role models, aside from all the terribly strong women that make up our family.  Ygritte, personifies strength.  She lives in a harsh environment, doesn't rely on men to feed her or fight her battles, and men see her as an asset not a weaker sex.  She also doesn't let her strength get in the way of her sexuality.  I commend Mr. Martin for making such rich characters with so many nuances, there is a reason so many people love Ygritte, and I hope I composed a painting that depicts her as the strong woman she embodies.

So, in conclusion, this is my version of a pin-up.  It might not entice the dude at the convention who wants to buy a print of a hot girl spilling out of her outfit, but I hope it empowers the girl who want to be more than that, to have an icon in which to aspire.

Kissed By Fire, 24"x14", oil on paper on masonite, 2015.


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